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Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
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Product property and application:

Environment Friendly Flame-retardant Heat shrinkable tube has excellent un-flammability, flexibility, and insulation.
The shrinking temperature is very low and it can shrink very quickly.
It is suitable for various electric insulation and bonding of cables and connectors and widely applied for connecting or end-handling, electric wire, insulating and harness of electric wire, corrosion-proof of metallic rods or tubes, and antenna protection.
Do not contain 4 metal elements and 2 kinds of bromide(PBB & PBDE), fully conform to RoHS directions.
Material: Chemical, cross-linked (by radiation), thermally stabilized flame retarded polyolefin
Standard: UL 224 VW-1
Product No: W-1-PT W-1-PT(CB)


Operating Temperature: -55℃ ~ 125℃
Shrinking Temperature: Start at 70℃, and shrunk totally at 110℃(CB) or 115℃.
Size range: 0.8 ~ 180mm (3/64 ~ 5inch or lager), special size are negotiable.
Shrink Ratio: 2:1
Available Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, and Grey.