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Disinfection and Deodorisation utilising unique patented photocatalytic technology.

The Viroblitz technology oxidizes any organic molecule present in the air, using Low Energy Cascade Oxidation (LECO), a unique photo catalysis process. Air is passed through a chamber consisting of an activated catalytic surface that destroys microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, fungus, mould and odour causing organic matter. The activated catalytic surface comprises of non-toxic materials and uses low energy light as an energy source, thus ensuring a completely safe sterilization process.

Germ & Odour Free Space

Viroblitz, when installed in an enclosed space as per the recommended specifications, destroys all harmful germs and odour causing matter in the air, ensuring a safe, pleasant environment and reducing Hospital Acquired Infections.

Uninterrupted Sterilization

The device quickly sterilizes air when it passes through its reaction chamber (within 0.156 seconds). It is a continuous process and the room need not be vacated for the process. Once installed the machine requires no maintenance for two years.

Earth Friendly

The technology is 100% safe for humans and earth. It does not produce any harmful by-products and doesn't emit radiation, heat, fumes or noise.

Saves Money

It reduces power consumption of air conditioners by reducing the rate of air exchange, has zero maintenance cost and ensures better use of room as it does not require the room to be vacated for its function.