• Re-Bar Tying is now Simpler, Efficient and Faster
  • High Speed Tying Saves Money
  • About 5 times faster than Manual Tying.
  • One Tie in a Second..
  • One hand operation of Tool allows worker to hold re-bars reduces set-up time.
  • Reduces risk of Health problems
  • Simple operation of the Tools reduces potential wrist damage.

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Onyx Re-bar Tying Machines

    • It is a Battery operated power tool which has two jaws that straddle to steel bars and close once the trigger is pulled. The rebar tier then proceeds to loop a wire around the bars multiple times then twisting the top off until the wire wrap is cut and the jaws release. This all happens in just 1-2 seconds.
    • It is about 5 times faster than manual tying. Make ties in approx one second per tie with consistent tie strength. High speed tying saves you time and money.
    • Reduces risk of health problems: Simple operation of these tools reduces potential wrist damage such as carpal tunnel injuries.
    • One hand operation allows worker to hold re-bar while tying, reduces set up time.
    • At present, there are three models available like RBT-28, RBT-45 & RBT-58. These three models are designed specifically to meet different projects requirements. Model RBT-28 is to tie mesh or thinner re-bars upto 28mm combination. RBT-45 is used to tie the re-bars from 20mm upto 45mm combination and RBT-58 is for bigger re-bars from 30mm upto 58mm combination. Wires of about 100mtrs, come in spool form.
    • As an added feature, these machines have two adjust buttons: One is to adjust the strength of the tie and another one is to adjust the wire length of the tie, which saves wires according to the different diameters of re-bars.
    • These re-bar tying machines having just about 2.5 kgs are safe and easy to use.
    • Applications: Commercial / Residential buildings, Road and bridge constructions, Foundations, Pre-cast plants, Bridges, Swimming Pools, Electrical conduits etc.

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